Jerusalem, my happy home (II)

Jerusalem, my happy home,
name ever dear to me,
when shall my labors have an end?
Thy joys when shall I see?

When shall these eyes thy heaven-built walls
and pearly gates behold?
Thy bulwarks with salvation strong,
and streets of shining gold?

Apostles, martyrs, prophets, there
around my Savior stand;
and all I love in Christ below
will join the glorious band.

Jerusalem, my happy home,
when shall I come to thee?
When shall my sorrows have an end?
Thy joys when shall I see?

O Christ, do thou my soul prepare
for that bright home of love;
that I may see thee and adore,
with all thy saints above.

Words: F.B.P, sixteenth century manuscript;
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Music: Southwell

Meter: CM

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