In days of old on Sinai

In days of old on Sinai
the Lord almighty came
in majesty of terror,
in thunder-cloud and flame:
on Tabor, with the glory
of sunniest light for vest,
the excellence of beauty
in Jesus was expressed.

All light created paled there,
and did him worship meet;
the sun itself adored him,
and bowed before his feet;
while Moses and Elijah,
upon the holy mount,
the co-eternal glory
of Christ our God recount.

O holy, wondrous vision!
But O when, this life passed,
the beauty of mount Tabor
shall end in heaven at last!
But O when all the glory
of uncreated light
shall be the promised guerdon
of them that win the fight!

Words: Cosmas of Jerusalem, eighth century;
trans. John Mason Neale, 1862

Music: Aurelia

Meter: 76 76 D

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