I hunger and I thirst

I hunger and I thirst;
Jesus, my manna be:
ye living waters, burst
out of the rock for me.

Thou bruised and broken Bread,
my life-long wants supply;
as living souls are fed,
O feed me, or I die.

Thou true life-giving Vine,
let me thy sweetness prove;
renew my life with thine,
refresh my soul with love.

Rough paths my feet have trod,
since first their course began;
feed me, thou Bread of God;
help me, thou Son of Man.

For still the desert lies
my thirsting soul before;
O living waters, rise
within me evermore.

Words: John Samuel Bewley Monsell, Jr., 1866

Music: Dolomite Chant, Psalm 32, Moseley, Eccles

Meter: 66 66

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