God who spoke at many seasons

God who spoke at many seasons,
God who spoke in many ways,
Sent His prophets to our fathers,
Spoke again in these last days;
God the Son, the Word incarnate,
Living Word, your name we praise.

Brightness of the Father's glory,
Maker of the universe,
Mighty Word, all things sustaining,
Purged our sins and bore our curse;
Work completed, seated, glorious,
Jesus, Lord, your name we praise.

In the place of highest honour,
With the Name above all names;
Stooped to earth, became our brother,
Sinless man, you took our sins;
Suffering death, o'er death the conqueror,
Living Lord, your name we praise.

Perfected through what you suffered,
Flesh and blood of Abraham's race,
Shared our nature, shared our sorrow,
Tasted death to show God's grace;
Merciful, our faithful helper,
Great High Priest, your name we praise.

Words: © Robert J. Higginson, 1992

Music: Rhuddlan, Cwm Rhondda, Beauchief Abbey

Meter: 87 87 87

Enquiries to: R J Higginson, 172, Poplar Avenue, BIRMINGHAM, B17 8EP. UNITED KINGDOM. May be freely used in church services covered by the Christian Copyright License scheme. (That is, the procedures and limitations of the CCL, not necessarily CCL subscribers.) For other (commercial) uses please contact Mr. Higginson.

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