Holy Spirit, Truth divine

Holy Spirit, Truth divine,
dawn upon this soul of mine;
Breath of God and inward Light
wake my spirit, clear my sight.

Holy Spirit, Love divine,
glow within this heart of mine;
kindle every high desire;
perish self in thy pure fire.

Holy Spirit, Power divine
fill and nerve this will of mine;
by thee may I strongly live,
bravely bear and nobly strive.

Holy Spirit, Right divine,
King within my conscience reign;
be my Lord, and I shall be
firmly bound, forever free.

Holy Spirit, Peace divine,
still this restless heart of mine;
speak to calm this tossing sea,
stayed in thy tranquility.

Holy Spirit, Joy divine,
gladden thou this heart of mine;
in the desert ways I sing,
"Spring, O Well, forever spring."

Words: Samuel Longfellow, 1864

Music: Lew Trenchard

Meter: 77 77

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