Holy Spirit, Lord of love

Holy Spirit, Lord of love,
thou who camest from above,
gifts of blessing to bestow
on your waiting Church below,
once again in love draw near
to thy servants gathered here.
From their bright baptismal day
thou hast led them on their way.

When the sacred vow is made,
when the hands are on them laid,
come in this most solemn hour
with your strengthening gift of power.
Give them light thy truth to see:
give them life to live for thee,
daily power to conquer sin,
patient faith, the crown to win.

Words: William Dalyrimple Maclagan, 1873;
this is a cento made by The Hymnal 1982 of four verses written by Maclagan.
I have restored them to their original language, except for the last line in verse 1, which is my own traditional version of the line found in The Hymnal 1982

For Maclagan's original version, click here

Music: Aberystwyth

Meter: 77 77 D

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