Great God, we praise your mighty love

Great God, we praise your mighty love
which urges us to rise above
constricting doubts and fears;
your purpose is to set us free
to live our lives creatively
throughout the coming years.

We praise you for the love we see
in husband, wife, and family,
in friends and neighbors too;
the love which nurtured us from birth,
the love which teaches human worth,
and lifts our minds to you.

We praise you most for love supreme
which breaks through pain and death to stream
in unrestricted light;
which from Christ's resurrection dawn
has shone, and never been withdrawn,
to make our future bright.

For by your perfect love refined,
our own will not be undermined
by futile guilt and shame;
but through disaster, grief, and strife
we'll reaffirm the joy of life
and glorify your name.

Words: Alan Gaunt
Words © 1991 by Stainer & Bell Ltd (admin. by Hope Publishing Co., Carol Stream, IL 60188).
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
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In US & Canada: Hope Publishing Company,
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Music: Cornwall, Willoughby New

Meter: 88 6 D

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