God's Spirit, as a rising gale

God's Spirit, as a rising gale,
tears down our false tranquility;
come surging through our settled minds,
demolish our complacency!

God's Spirit, as the breath of life,
creation's source and guide and goal,
breathe life into our souls again;
restore our faith and make us whole.

God's Spirit, as an icy blast,
strike through the scorching enmity
that burns our human love to ash;
extinguish all hostility.

God's Spirit, as a healing breeze,
stream gently through our troubled days,
to set us on our feet again,
with confidence, delight, and praise.

God's Spirit, fierce and wild,
and yet unfolding like a mother's womb,
surprise us: bring us, newly born,
with Jesus leaping from the tomb!

Words: Alan Gaunt
Words © 1991 by Stainer & Bell Ltd (admin. by Hope Publishing Co., Carol Stream, IL 60188).
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
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Music: Bourbon

Meter: LM

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