God of our fathers, unto thee

God of our fathers, unto thee
our fathers cried in danger's hour,
and then thou gavest them to see
the acts of thine almighty power.
They cried to thee and thou didst hear;
they called on thee and thou didst save;
and we their sons today draw near
thy Name to praise, thy help to crave.
Lord God of Hosts, uplift thine hand,
protect and bless our Fatherland.

Thine is the majesty, O Lord,
and thine dominion over all;
when thou commandest, at thy word,
great kings and nations rise or fall.
For eastern realms, for western coasts,
for islands washed by every sea,
thy praise be given, O God of Hosts,
not unto us but unto thee. Refrain

If in thy grace thou should'st allow
our fame to wax through coming days,
still grant us humbly, then as now,
thy help to crave, thy Name to praise.
Not all alike in speech or birth
alike we bow before thy throne;
our fatherland throughout the earth
our Father's noble acts we own. Refrain

Words: A.C. Ainger (1841-1919)

Music: Etona

Meter: 88 88 D with Refrain

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