God of all time, all seasons of our living

God of all time, all seasons of our living,
source of our spark, protector of our flame,
blazing before our birth, beyond our dying--
God of all time, we come to sing your name.

Here in this place, where others have been building,
we come to claim the legacy of faith;
take, in our turn, the telling of your story;
and, though we tremble, speak your hope, your truth.

Spirit, who draws our fragile selves together;
Spirit, who turns a stranger to a friend:
be at the table where we greet each other;
be in the peace we pass from hand to hand.

Let us not die from poverty of caring;
let us not starve, where love is to be shared.
Come, break us open to receive your healing;
your broken body be our wine and bread.

Words: Shirley Erena Murray
Words © 1992 by Hope Publishing Co., Carol Stream, IL 60188.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
For permission to reproduce this hymn, contact:
In all territories except New Zealand, Australia & Asia: Hope Publishing Company, www.hopepublishing.com
In New Zealand, Australia & Asia: Shirley Erena Murray, serenam@paradise.net.nz

Music: Donne secours, Highwood

Meter: 11 10 11 10

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