Gabriel to Mary came

Gabriel's message does away

Gainst what foeman art thou rushing

Gather around, for the table is spread

Gather us in, thou love that fillest all

Gentle Jesus, meek and mild

Gentle Mary laid her child

Gentle Shepherd, thou hast stilled

Gentle Virgin Mother

Gift of Christ from God our Father

Gifts of bread and wine

Gird on thy sword, O man, thy strength endue

Girls and boys, leave your toys

Give ear, O my people, to my teaching

Give heed, my heart, lift up thine eyes

Give light, O Lord, that we may learn

Give me a heart

Give me a sight, O Savior

Give me joy in my heart

Give me, O Christ, the strength that is in thee

Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning

Give me peace, O Lord

Give me the faith which can remove

Give me the wings of faith to rise

Give peace, O God, the nations cry

Give praise and glory unto God

Give praise for famous men

Give rest, O Christ, to thy servant

Give thanks for the Lord is good

Give thanks, my soul, for harvest

Give thanks to God (Perry)

Give thanks to God (Warren)

Give thanks to the Lord, call on his name

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good (Hayes)

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good (Morgan)

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good (Warren)

Give thanks to the Lord

Give thanks with a grateful heart

Give to me, Lord, a thankful heart

Give to our God immortal praise

Give to the winds thy fears

Give us a sense of wonder

Giver of the perfect gift

Glad light illumines this day

Glad music fills the Christmas sky

Glad sight! the holy Church

Glad that I live am I

Gladly I welcome you, O Jesus, O Jesus

Gliding through the shadows

Gloria (3) (Taiz‚)

Glorious Father

Glorious in majesty

Glorious is thy Name, O Lord

Glorious the day when Christ was born

Glorious things of thee are spoken

Glory and gratitude and praise

Glory and honor and laud be to thee

Glory and praise and dominion be thine

Glory be to God in heaven

Glory be to God on high, love to man

Glory be to God on high, peace on earth

Glory be to God on high

Glory be to God the Father

Glory be to God the Father

Glory be to God the Father

Glory be to Jesus

Glory be to thee, my God, this night

Glory be to thee, O Lord

Glory, glory everlasting

Glory, glory in the highest

Glory, glory, Lord, to thee

Glory, honor, endless prayers

Glory, honor, praise and power

Glory, in the highest glory

Glory in the highest to the God of heaven

Glory let us give and blessing

Glory, love, and praise, and honor

Glory to God above

Glory to God! all heaven in joy is ringing

Glory to God, all the heavens are telling

Glory to God, glory to God (Peru)

Glory to God, glory to God (Taiz‚)

Glory to God in highest heaven

Glory to God in the highest

Glory to God on high

Glory to God, praise and alleluia

Glory to God! the morn appointed breaks

Glory to God, the source of all our mission

Glory to Jesus

Glory to our boundless God

Glory to the blessed Jesus!

Glory to the Father give

Glory to the First-begotten

Glory to the King of Glory!

Glory to the King of kings

Glory to thee, in light arrayed

Glory to thee, my God, this day

Glory to thee, my God, this night

Glory to thee, O God

Glory to thee, O Lord

Glory to thee, O Lord, who from this world of sin

Glory to thee, who safe hast kept

Go forth, a servant of the Lord

Go forth and tell

Go forth for God: go forth to the world in peace

Go forth in spirit, go

Go forth with God! the day is now

Go forth, ye heralds, in my Name

Go forward, Christian soldier

Go forward in your course

Go in Jesus' Name

Go, labor on; spend, and be spent

Go now in peace

Go tell it on the mountain

Go to dark Gethsemane

Go to the world

Go wandering in the sun

Go, when the morning shineth

God Almighty, in thy temple

God Almighty set a rainbow

God Almighty, who hast given

God alone knows our hearts

God, as with silent hearts we bring to mind

God be in my head

God be merciful and love us

God, be merciful to me

God be with you till we meet again

God beyond glory, gracious and holy

God bless our native land

God came among us

God comes to us as one unheard

God cometh, let the heart prepare

God, Creator and Preserver

God, deigning man to be

God eternal, mighty King

God everlasting, wonderful and holy

God forgave my sin in Jesus' name

God from on high hath heard

God gave Jesus for us all

God gives us a future

God give us life

God has chosen me

God has exalted him

God has promised many things

God has spoken by his prophets

God has spoken to his people, alleluia

God hath sent his angels to the earth again

God hath spoken by his prophets

God hath two families of love

God himself is present

God himself is with us

God holds the key

God in heaven, hear our singing!

God in his love for us lent us this planet

God, in the planning

God is a name my soul adores

God is a Spirit

God is a stronghold and a tower

God is always near me

God is ascended up on high, alleluia

God is building a house

God is gone up on high

God is gone up with a merry noise

God is good all the time

God is good, God is great

God is good, we sing and shout about it

God is great

God is here; as we his people

God is in heaven. Can he hear

God is in his temple

God is light

God is love, and where true love is

God is love; he lives by love

God is love, his mercy brightens

God is love, his mercy brightens

God is Love: let heaven adore him

God is love; that anthem olden

God is my great desire

God is my strong salvation

God is our fortress and our rock

God is our refuge and our strength

God is our refuge in distress

God is our song, and every singer blest

God is our strength and refuge

God is our strength from days of old

God is our stronghold and our stay

God is so good

God is the refuge of his saints

God is unique and one

God is working his purpose out

God lies beyond us

God, Lord of Sabaoth, King who ordainest

God loved the world

God made a boomerang

God made me for himself

God made me to know and love and serve him here on earth

God merciful and righteous is

God most high, the heaven's foundation

God moves in a mysterious way

God, my Father, hear me pray

God my Father, loving me

God, my King, thy might confessing

God of all ages and Lord for all time

God of all being, throned afar

God of all grace, thy mercy send

God of all human history

God of all power and truth and grace

God of all time, all seasons of our living

God of concrete, God of steel

God of eternity, Lord of the ages

God of Eve and God of Mary

God of freedom, God of justice

God of glory, we exalt your Name

God of God, the uncreated

God of gods, we sound his praises

God of grace and God of glory

God of grace, I turn my face

God of grace, O let thy light

God of heaven, enthroned in might

God of heaven, hear our singing

God of Jeremiah, grieving

God of light and life's creation

God of love and truth and beauty

God of love, before thee now

God of love, our Father, Savior

God of love, you freely give us

God of many names

God of mercy and compassion

God of mercy, God of grace

God of mercy, loving all

God of mercy, throned on high

God of my life, O Lord most high

God of my life, to thee I call

God of our fatherland

God of our fathers, at whose call

God of our fathers, bless this our land

God of our fathers, by whose hand

God of our fathers, known of old

God of our fathers, unto thee

God of our fathers, whose almighty hand

God of our life, to thee we call

God of saints, to whom the number

God of that glorious gift of grace

God of the farmlands, hear our prayer

God of the living

God of the morning, at whose voice

God of the nations of the earth

God of the nations, who hast led

God of the Passover

God of the pastures, hear our prayer

God of the prairies

God of the prophets, bless the prophets' sons

God of the sparrow

God of unexampled grace

God our Father and Creator

God our Father, bless your people

God our Father gave us life

God, our Hope and Strength abiding

God rest you merry, gentlemen

God reveals his presence

God save and bless our nation

God save our gracious Queen

God sees the little sparrow fall

God sends a rainbow

God send us men

God send us refreshing rain

God sends us his Spirit to befriend and help us

God sent his Son, they called him Jesus

God shall charge his angel legions

God, that madest earth and heaven

God the all-merciful!

God the all-terrible! King, who ordainest

God the Creator, you in love made me

God the Father, be thou near

God the Father caused to be

God the Father, from thy throne

God the Father, God the Son

God the Father, God the Son (Holy Childhood)

God the Father, God the Son (Intercession)

God the Father, God the Word

God the Father, Name we treasure

God the Father of creation

God the Father, seen of none

God the Father sends his angel

God the Father, throned on high

God the Father, whose creation

God the Father's only Son

God the Lord a King remaineth

God the Lord has heard our prayer

God the Omnipotent! King, who ordainest

God, the source and goal of being

God the Spirit, we adore thee

God turned darkness into light

God, we praise you, God, we bless you

God, when human bonds are broken

God, when I stand, no path before me

God, who created me

God, who created light

God who created this Eden of earth

God who gives to life its goodness

God, who hast caused to be written

God who made the earth

God who madest earth and heaven

God who spoke in the beginning

God, who stretched the spangled heavens

God who touchest earth with beauty

God, whose city's sure foundation

God, whose eternal mind

God whose farm is all creation

God, whose giving knows no ending

God whose love is all around us

God whose love is everywhere

God whose Name is love

God whose Son was once a man

God with humanity made one

God, you are clothed with light

God, you have given us power to sound

God, you meet us in our weakness

God, you touch the earth with beauty

God, your glory we have seen in your Son

Godhead here in hiding, whom I do adore

God's glory fills the universe

God's holy people, gathered in

God's law is perfect, and converts

God's love bursts into bloom

God's love is deeper

God's name for ever shall endure

God's not dead

God's Paschal Lamb is sacrificed

God's perfect law converts the soul

God's Son came to bless us

God's Spirit as a rising gale

God's Spirit is in my heart

God's temple crowns the holy mount

Going home

Golden harps are sounding

Goliath was big and Goliath was strong

Good-bye! Our school is over

Good cheer

Good Christian men, rejoice

Good Christian men, rejoice and sing

Good day to you all, good day to each one

Good is our God who made this place

Good is the Lord, our heavenly King

Good it is to keep the feast

Good Joseph had a garden

Good King Wenceslas

Good Lord, who hast the weight woes

Grace, 'tis a charming sound

Gracious Father, hear our prayer

Gracious God, in adoration

Gracious God, we worship thee

Gracious Lord, on these thy servants

Gracious Savior, gentle Shepherd

Gracious Savior, who didst honor

Gracious Spirit, Dove divine

Gracious Spirit, dwell with me

Gracious Spirit, hear our prayer

Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost

Gracious Spirit, Life divine

Grant to this child the inward grace

Grant us, O our heavenly Father

Great and glorious Father, humbly we adore thee

Great and wonderful are your deeds

Great Architect of worlds unknown

Great are your mercies

Great Captain of salvation

Great Creator, Lord of all

Great Creator, wise and good

Great Father of our race

Great Gabriel sped on wings of light

Great Giver of all good

Great God, and wilt thou condescend

Great God, in heaven and earth supreme

Great God of Abraham, hear our prayer

Great God of boundless mercy, hear

Great God of hosts, our ears have heard

Great God of our salvation

Great God of wonders, all thy ways

Great God, this sacred day of thine

Great God, to thee my evening song

Great God, to thee our hearts we raise

Great God, to thee our songs we raise

Great God, we praise thy gracious care

Great God, we praise your mighty love

Great God, we sing that mighty hand

Great God, what do I see and hear

Great God, who hid from mortal sight

Great God, who in thy light dost rest

Great God, who knowest each man's need

Great God, who madest all for man

Great God, whose scepter rules the earth

Great God, with wonder and with praise

Great God, your love has called us here

Great God, your Spirit, like the wind

Great High Priest, we see thee stooping

Great indeed are your works, O Lord

Great is God

Great is our guilt, our fears are great

Great is the darkness

Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise

Great is the Lord; his praise is great

Great is their joy who hide their own

Great is thy faithfulness

Great Jehovah, King of glory

Great King of kings, why dost thou stay?

Great Mover of all hearts

Great, mysterious Trinity

Great Ruler of the land and sea

Great Ruler of the nations

Great Shepherd of the sheep

Great Shepherd of thy people, hear

Great Shepherd of thy ransomed flock

Great Son of God

Guide me, O thou great Jehovah

Guide me, O thou great Redeemer

Guide my feet

Guide thou, O God, the guardian hands

Guide us thou, whose Name is Savior

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