Facing a task unfinished

Fain would I , Lord of grace

Fair waved the golden corn

Fairest Lord Jesus, ruler of all nature

Faith and truth and life bestowing

Faith of our fathers, living still

Faith of our fathers, taught of old

Faith will not grow from words alone

Faithful God

Faithful one, so unchanging

Faithful Shepherd, feed me

Faithful vigil ended

Faithful warriors, bearing

falling, falling, gently falling

Far above all other loves

Far and near

Far be sorrow, tears and sighing

Far beyond our mind's grasp

Far down the ages now

Far, far away from my loving Father

Far from my heavenly home

Far from my thoughts, vain world, begone

Far from the world, O Lord, I flee

Far from these narrow scenes of night

Far from thy heavenly care

Far o'er yon horizon

Far round the world thy children sing their song

Far-shining names from age to age

Fare well, we come to send you on your way

Farmer, farmer, why do you plow?

Fast sinks the sun to rest

Father, again in Jesus' Name we meet

Father all loving, who rulest in majesty

Father all-powerful, thine is the kingdom

Father all-seeing, friend of all creation

Father almighty, we your humble servants

Father, although I cannot see

Father and God, from whom our world derives

Father and Lord of our whole life

Father, before thy throne of light

Father, bless our soldiers

Father, bless us as we go

Father, blessing every seed-time

Father, breathe an evening blessing

Father, by thy love and might

Father, by thy love and power

Father eternal, Lord of the ages

Father eternal, ruler of creation

Father God, gentle Father God

Father God, I love you

Father God, I wonder

Father God in heaven, Lord most high

Father God, the Lord, Creator

Father God, we worship you

Father, hear our prayer

Father, hear the prayer we offer

Father, hear thy children's call

Father, holy Father

Father, I know that all my life

Father, I place into your hands

Father in heaven, grant to your children

Father in heaven, have mercy on us

Father in heaven, our voices we raise

Father in heaven, smile upon your children

Father in heaven, we love you

Father in heaven, who lovest all

Father, in high heaven dwelling

Father, in the morning light

Father, in whom thy saints are one

Father, in whom we live

Father, in your presence kneeling

Father, let me dedicate

Father, long before creation

Father, Lord of all creation

Father, make us one

Father most holy, merciful and loving

Father, name of love and fear

Father, never was love so near

Father, now behold us

Father of all, from land and sea

Father of all, in whom alone

Father of all, to thee

Father of all, to thee we raise

Father of all, whose laws have stood

Father of creation

Father of everlasting grace

Father of heaven above

Father of heaven, who hast created all

Father of heaven, whose love profound

Father of life, confessing

Father of life, draw me closer

Father of light, whose love and power

Father of lights, in whom there is no shadow

Father of love and Fount of grace

Father of love, our guide and friend

Father of men, in whom are one

Father of mercies, bow thine ear

Father of mercies, God of love

Father of mercies, hear

Father of mercies, in thy word

Father of mercies, send thy grace

Father of mercies, who of old

Father of mercy, God of consolation

Father of mercy, Lover of all children

Father of peace and God of love

Father of spirits, whose divine control

Father of the human family

Father on high to whom we pray

Father, our children keep

Father, see thy children

Father, sending your anointed Son

Father, Son and Holy Ghost, in solemn power come down

Father, Son and Holy Ghost, One in Three and Three in One

Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, at this dear one's grave

Father, thou hast made the day

Father, through the coming night

Father, thy will, not mine, be done

Father, to thee I come

Father, to thee we look in all our sorrow

Father, we adore you (Coelho)

Father, we adore you (Tuttle)

Father, we adore you

Father, we come, with youth and vigor pressing

Father, we greet thee, God of love, whose glory

Father, we have sinned against you

Father, we humbly pray

Father, we love thy house of prayer

Father, we love you, we worship and adore you

Father, we praise thee, now the night is over

Father, we praise you, we your trusting people

Father, we thank thee for the night

Father, we thank thee, who hast planted

Father, we thank you

Father, we want to thank you

Father, we would plead thy promise

Father welcomes all his children

Father, whate'er of earthly bliss

Father, while the shadows fall

Father, while we kneel before thee

Father, who art alone

Father, who dost thy children feed

Father, who hast gathered

Father, who in Jesus found us

Father, who on man dost shower

Father, whose everlasting love

Father, whose love we have wronged with transgression

Father, whose will is life and good

Father, your love is precious

Fear not, my soul, alone to stand

Fear not, rejoice and be glad

Fear not, thou faithful Christian flock

Feeble, helpless, how shall I

Feed us now, Bread of life

Feed us now, O Son of God

Fields of corn, give up your ears

Fierce raged the tempest o'er the deep

Fierce was the storm of wind

Fierce was the wild billow

Fight the good fight with all thy might

Fill the place, Lord, with your glory

Fill thou my life, O Lord my God

Fill your hearts with joy and gladness

Filled with compassion

Filled with the Spirit's power

Finished the strife of battle now

Fire of God, thou sacred flame

Fire of God, titanic Spirit

Firmly I believe and truly

First day of days, wherin, arrayed

First light is upon our faces

First of martyrs

First of the week and finest day

Fishes of the ocean

Fling out the banner! let it float

Fling wide the gates

Fold to your heart your sister and your brother

Follow me

For all the saints who from their labors rest

For all the saints who from their labors rest (Forster)

For all thy love and goodness, so bountiful and free

For all thy saints, a noble throng

For all thy saints, O Lord

For all who watch tonight

For all your blessings

For all your saints in glory

For beauty of prairies, for grandeur of trees

For Christ to learn, for Christ to teach

For ever here my rest shall be

For ever here my rest shall be

For ever ours

For ever we would gaze on thee

For ever we would gaze on thee

For ever with the Lord

For God so loved the world

For his Name is exalted

For I'm building a people of power

For man the Savior bled

For Mary, Mother of our Lord

For Mary, Mother of the Lord

For mercies, countless as the sands

For mercy, courage, kindness, mirth

For mercy, Lord, I cry

For my sake and the gospel's, go

For our selves no longer living

For the apostles' glorious company

For the beauty of the earth

For the brave of every race

For the bread and for the wine

For the bread that we have eaten

For the bread which you have broken

For the crowd of thousands

For the dear ones parted from us

For the fount of life eternal

For the freshness of the morning

For the fruits of his creation

For the healing of the nations

For the joys and for the sorrows

For the life that you have given

For the might of thine arm we bless thee

For the music of creation

For thee, O dear, dear country

For thee, O God, our constant praise

For this purpose

For those we love within the veil

For thou, O Lord

For thy blest saints, a noble throng

For thy dear saint, O Lord

For thy dear saints, O Lord

For thy mercy and thy grace

For thy saints unknown to fame

For unto us a child is born (Burt)

For unto us a child is born (Hadden)

For your holy book we thank you

Forgive them, O my Father

Forgive, O Lord, our wanderings past

Forgive our sins as we forgive

Forgive them, O my Father

Forgotten! No, that cannont be

Forsaken once, and thrice denied

Forth from the dark and stormy sky

Forth from the dark and stormy sky

Forth goes the standard of our King

Forth in the peace of Christ we go

Forth in thy name, O Lord, I go

Forth to the fight, ye ransomed

Forty days and forty nights

Forty days and forty nights in Judah's desert

Forty days of Eastertide

Forty days thy seer of old

Forward, be our watchword

Forward go in glad accord

Forward in faith

Forward through the ages

Fountain of good, to own thy love

Fountain of mercy, God of love

Four days had come and gone to rest

Framer of the earth and sky

Freedom and life are ours

Freely, for the love he bears us

Friends, all gather here in a circle

Friends, brothers, through the land

From age to age thy Church on earth

From all that dwell below the skies

From all the wind's wide quarters

From all thy saints in warfare

From deepest woe I cry to thee

From east to west, from shore to shore

From east to west, from shore to shore (CM)

From Egypt's bondage come

From Egypt lately come

From every stormy wind that blows

From foes that would the land devour

From glory to glory advancing, we praise thee, O Lord

From glory unto glory! Be this our joyous song

From God Christ's deity came forth

From Greenland's icy mountains

From heaven above to earth I come

From heaven high I come to you

From heaven you came, helpless Babe

From heaven's height Christ spake to call

From hidden source arising

From highest heaven the eternal Son

From homes in many a city

From lowest depths of woe

From many grains

From many grapes and grains of wheat

From ocean unto ocean

From out of a wood did a cuckoo fly

From out the cloud of amber light

From out the cloud of fiery light

From out the deep, O Lord, on thee

From pain to pain, from woe to woe

From the apple in the garden

From the deeps of grief and fear

From the depths of sin and failure

From the eastern mountains

From the falter of breath

From the guiding star that led

From the rising of the sun

From the slave pens of the Delta

From the sun's rising

From the very depths of darkness

From the waiting comes the sign

From thee all skill and science flow

From virgin's womb this Christmas Day did spring

Fruitful trees, the Spirit's sowing

Funny kind of night

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