Dear Lord, we long to see your face

Dear Lord, we long to see your face,
to know you risen from the grave,
but we have missed the joy and grace
of seeing you, as others have;
yet in your company we'll wait,
and we shall see you, soon or late.

Dear Friend, we do not know the way,
nor clearly see the path ahead;
so often, therefore, we delay
and doubt your power to raise the dead;
yet we with you will firmly stay--
you are the truth, the life, the way.

We find it hard, Lord, to believe.
Long habit makes us want to prove:
to see, to touch, and thus perceive
the truth and person whom we love;
yet when in fellowship we meet,
you come yourself, each one to greet.

You come to us, our God, our Lord.
You do not show your hands and side,
but give, instead, your best reward
as in your promise we abide.
By faith we know and grow and wait
to see and praise you, soon or late.

Words: J.R. Peacey (1896-1971);
Words © 1991 by Hope Publishing Co., Carol Stream, IL 60188.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
For permission to reproduce this hymn in all territories except the UK, contact: Hope Publishing Company,
In the UK: contact Revd. Mary J. Hancock, 55 Huntspill Street, London SW17 0AA England

Music: Das neugeborne Kindelein, Surrey

Meter: 88 88 88

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