Come, O come, our voices raise

Come, O come, our voices raise,
sounding God Almighty's praise;
hither bring in one consent
heart, and voice, and instrument.

Sound the trumpet, touch the lute,
let no tongue nor string be mute,
nor a voiceless creature found,
that hath neither note nor sound.

Come ye all before his face,
in this chorus take your place;
and amid the mortal throng,
be you masters of the song.

Let, in praise of God, the sound
run a never-ending round,
that our songs of praise may be
everlasting, as is he.

So this huge wide orb we see
shall one choir, one temple be;
where in such a praiseful tone
we will sing what he hath done.

Thus our song shall overclimb
all the bounds of space and time;
come, then, come, our voices raise,
sounding God Almighty's praise.

Words: George Wither (1588-1667), alt.
If you have Wither's original words, please write.

Music: Sonne der Gerechtigkeit

Meter: 77 77 with Alleluia

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