Call Jehovah thy salvation

Call them in! the poor, the wretched

Called to a battle

Calm me, Lord

Calm me, my God, and keep me calm

Calm on the listening ear of night

Calvary, Calvary

Can a little child like me

Can a nation be changed?

Can I see another's woe

Can we by searching find out God

Can you count the stars that brightly

Can you see what we have made

Canst thou count the stars that twinkle

Captain of Israel's host, and Guide

Captain of our salvation, take

Captains of the saintly band

Caring, sharing

Carol, sweetly carol

Cast away the works of darkness

Cast thy care on Jesus

Caterpillar, caterpillar

Cause me to come

Celestial Word, to this our earth

Celestial Word, to this our earth

Change is our portion here

Change my heart, O God

Cheep, said the sparrow

Cheer up, desponding soul

Chief of martyrs, thou whose name

Chief of sinners though I be

Child in the manger

Child of the stable's secret birth

Childhood's years are passing o'er us

Children of earth, for heaven we seek

Children of Jerusalem

Children of the heavenly King

Christ, above all glory seated

Christ be beside me

Christ, be ever before us

Christ, be my leader by night as by day

Christ be the Lord of all our days

Christ be with me

Christ brings the kingdom

Christ, by heavenly hosts adored

Christ, enthroned in highest heaven

Christ for the world we sing

Christ from heaven descended

Christ from whom all blessings flow

Christ had regained the sky

Christ hath a garden walled around

Christ hath a work for thee to do

Christ holds the keys

Christ, I am Christ's

Christ, in highest heaven enthroned

Christ in me is to live

Christ is alive, with joy we sing

Christ is arisen (Christ ist erstanden)

Christ is atonement, the Paschal Victim

Christ is born, exalt his Name

Christ is born within a stable

Christ is coming, let creation

Christ is gone up; yet ere he passed

Christ is laid the sure foundation

Christ is made the sure foundation

Christ is now risen again

Christ is our cornerstone

Christ is our great High Priest

Christ is our King

Christ is risen (Rolinson)

Christ is risen, Alleluia!

Christ is risen as he said

Christ is risen! Christ is risen

Christ is risen, ere the sun

Christ is risen, raise your voices

Christ is risen! Shout hosanna

Christ is surely coming

Christ is the answer

Christ is the Foundation of the house we raise

Christ is the heavenly food that gives

Christ is the King, O friends rejoice

Christ is the one who calls

Christ is the sacrifice we plead

Christ is the world's light

Christ is the world's Redeemer

Christ is the world's true Light

Christ Jesus lay in death's strong bands

Christ leads me through no darker rooms

Christ, mighty Savior

Christ, of all my hopes the ground

Christ, on whom the Spirit rested

Christ, our King before creation

Christ our King in glory reigning

Christ our King to heaven ascendeth

Christ our Passover has been sacrificed for us

Christ our Redeemer knew temptation's hour

Christ, the fair glory of the holy angels

Christ, the fair glory of the holy angels (Phillips)

Christ, the highest heavens

Christ, the Life of all the living

Christ the Lion of Royal Judah

Christ the Lord is risen again

Christ the Lord is risen today (Leeson)

Christ the Lord is risen today (Leeson)

Christ the Lord is risen!

Christ the Victorious, give to your servants

Christ the way of life possess me

Christ the worker

Christ, thy power is man's salvation

Christ triumphant, ever reigning

Christ, upon the mountain peak

Christ was born on Christmas Day

Christ, we come before thee

Christ, when for us you were baptized

Christ, who called disciples to him

Christ who knows all his sheep

Christ, who once amongst us

Christ, whose glory fills the skies

Christ will gather in his own

Christ, your glory fills the heavens

Christian, be thou content

Christian children, Advent bids you

Christian, dost thou see them

Christian people, raise your song

Christian, press forward

Christian, seek not yet repose

Christian, unflinching Sting

Christians, awake! salute the happy morn

Christians, join in celebration

Christians, lift up your hearts / Here God's life-giving word

Christians, lift up your hearts / Praise for the Spirit of God

Christians, lift up your hearts / This is the house of the Lord

Christians, lift your hearts and voices

Christians, sing out with exultation

Christians, sing the incarnation

Christians to the Paschal Victim

Christmas for God's holy people

Christmas is coming, the Church is glad to sing

Christmas, tell the joyful tidings

Christ's Church shall glory in his power

Christ's is the world in which we move

Christ's loving children, for his hope abiding

Church of Christ, whose glorious warfare

Church of God, elect and glorious

Church of the living God

Chuyo, chuyo

Citizens of heaven

City not made with hands

City of God, how broad and far

City of God, Jerusalem

City of Peace, our mother dear

Clap your hands all you nations

Clap your hands and sing this song

Clap your hands you people all

Cleanse me from my sin

Cling to the Crucified

Close by the heedless worker's side

Closer to you

Cloth for the cradle

Clothed in kingly majesty

Clothed with state and girt with might

Coldly the night winds winging

Colorful Creator, God of mystery

Colors of the day

Come, all who look to Christ today

Come all you good people

Come, all you people

Come and deck the grave with flowers

Come and fill our hearts

Come and go with me to my Father's house

Come and hear the joyful singing

Come and join the celebration

Come and journey with a Savior

Come and praise him, royal priesthood

Come and praise the living God

Come and praise the Lord our King

Come and see the King of love

Come and see the shining hope

Come and sing the Christmas story

Come as you are, that's how I want you

Come away to the skies

Come, bend the knee in prayer and praise

Come, bless the Lord, all ye servants of the Lord

Come, bless the Lord, God of our forebears

Come, build the Church

Come, children, join to sing

Come, Christian children, come

Come, Christ's beloved

Come, come, come to the manger

Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwell

Come down, O Love divine

Come, ever blessed Spirit, come

Come, faithful people, come away

Come, faithful pilgrims all

Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

Come forth, O Christian brothers

Come, gentle peace, while shadows fall

Come, God's people, sing for joy

Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove

Come hither, ye faithful

Come, Holy Ghost, come Lord our God

Come, Holy Ghost, Creator blest

Come, Holy Ghost, Creator, come

Come, Holy Ghost, descend from high

Come, Holy Ghost, eternal God

Come, Holy Ghost, in love

Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire

Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire

Come, Holy Ghost, soon we should be sleeping

Come, Holy Ghost, thine influence shed

Come, Holy Ghost, who ever One

Come, Holy Ghost, with God the Son

Come, Holy Ghost, your influence shed

Come, Holy Spirit, calm our minds

Come, Holy Spirit, come! inflame our souls with love

Come, Holy Spirit, come; let thy bright beams arise

Come, Holy Spirit, come, mercies revealing

Come, Holy Spirit, come; O hear my lowly prayer

Come, Holy Spirit, come, send forth thy heavenly ray

Come, Holy Spirit, descend on us

Come, Holy Spirit, God and Lord

Come, Holy Spirit, gracious heavenly dove

Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove

Come, Holy Spirit, Lord of grace

Come, Holy Spirit, nigh

Come, Holy Spirit, our souls inspire

Come in, dear angels

Come into his presence singing

Come, Jesus, from the sapphire throne

Come, join to praise our God and King

Come, kindred, upstand in the valor of Jesus

Come, labor on

Come, let us all with one accord

Come, let us bow down in worship

Come, let us eat

Come, let us go

Come, let us join our cheerful songs

Come, let us join our friends above

Come, let us join the Church above

Come, let us praise the Lord

Come, let us praise the Name of God

Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord

Come, let us sing of a wonderful love

Come, let us sing the song of songs

Come, let us sing to the Lord

Come, let us to the Lord our God

Come, let us with our Lord arise

Come, let us worship Christ

Come, let us worship Jesus

Come, let us worship our Redeemer

Come, let us worship the Christ of creation

Come, light of the world

Come, living God, when least expected

Come, Lord, and tarry not

Come, Lord, to our souls come down

Come, mild and holy Dove

Come, my soul, thou must be waking

Come, my soul, thy suit prepare

Come, my Way, my Truth, my Life

Come now, all people, keep high mirth

Come now, and praise the humble saint

Come, now, everlasting Spirit

Come, now is the time to worship

Come now, O Prince of Peace

Come now with awe

Come, O come, in pious lays

Come, O come, our voices raise

Come, O Creator, Spirit blest

Come, O Creator Spirit, come

Come, O Emmanuel, come

Come, O God, and rule the earth

Come, O God of all the earth

Come, O Holy Spirit, come

Come, O Jesus, come, O Lord

Come, O Jesus, to thy table

Come, O Lord, and set us free

Come, O Lord, inspire us

Come, O Spirit, from on high

Come, O thou all-victorious Lord

Come, O thou Traveler unknown

Come on and celebrate!

Come on, let's get up and go

Come once more, with songs descending

Come, people of the living God

Come, praise the Lord

Come, praise the name of Jesus

Come, praise your Lord and Savior

Come, pure hearts, in sweetest measures

Come, quickly come, dread Judge of all

Come, rejoice before your maker

Come rejoicing, Faithful men

Come, risen Lord, and deign to be our guest

Come, see a vision

Come, see the beauty of the Lord

Come, see the Lord in his breathtaking splendor

Come, see the place where Jesus lay

Come, sing praises to the Lord above

Come sing the praise of Jesus

Come, sing with holy gladness

Come, sing, ye choirs exultant

Come, Spirit blest, Creator, come

Come, Spirit blest, our hearts inspire

Come, Spirit blest, your influence shed

Come, Spirit of God, holy Lord

Come, they told me

Come, thou almighty King

Come, thou bright and morning star

Come, thou everlasting Spirit

Come, thou fount of every blessing

Come, thou holy Paraclete

Come, thou Holy Spirit bright

Come, thou Holy Spirit, come

Come, thou Holy Spirit, nigh

Come, thou long-expected Jesus

Come, thou Redeemer of the earth

Come, thou Spirit of all light

Come to a desert place apart

Come to a wedding, come to a blessing

Come to be our hope, O Jesus

Come to Jesus, little one

Come to me, all ye who labor

Come to me, come, my people

Come to me, Jesus Christ

Come to me, Lord, when first I wake

Come to me, says Jesus

Come to our dark nature's night

Come to our poor nature's night

Come to the manger in Bethlehem

Come to the morning prayer

Come to the Savior, make no delay

Come to the waters

Come to thy Church, O Lord our God

Come to us, creative Spirit

Come, tread once more the path with song

Come unto me, ye weary

Come up hither, hark, the summons

Come, watch with us

Come, we that love the Lord

Come, weary souls, in Christ your Lord

Come with all joy to sing to God

Come with the sound of trumpet

Come with us, O blessed Jesus

Come, workers for the Lord

Come, worship God who is worthy of honor

Come, wounded Healer

Come, ye children, praise the Savior

Come, ye disconsolate

Come, ye faithful, raise the anthem

Come, ye faithful, raise the strain

Come ye, lift your joyous voices

Come ye lofty, come ye lowly

Come, ye people, raise the anthem

Come, ye people, rise and sing

Come, ye sinners, poor and needy

Come, ye sinners, poor and wretched

Come, ye souls by sin afflicted

Come, ye thankful people, come

Come, ye that love the Lord

Come, ye yourselves apart and rest awhile

Come, you people, come adore him

Come, your hearts and voices raising

Comes Mary to the grave

Comes once more the awful night

Cometh sunshine after rain

Comfort, comfort all my people

Comfort, comfort ye my people

Coming, coming--yes they are

Command thy blessing from above

Commit thou all that grieves thee

Commit thou all thy griefs

Commit thou all thy ways

Community of Christ

Completed, Lord, the Holy Mysteries

Confidence, we have confidence

Confitemini Domino

Conquering kings their titles take

Conquering Prince and Lord of glory

Consider how he loves you

Courage, brother! do not stumble

Courage, my soul, behold the prize

Cradle rocking, cattle lowing

Cradled all lowly

Cradled in a manger

Crashing waters at creation

Create in me

Create in us a clean heart

Create in us clean hearts

Creating God, we bring our song of praise

Creating God, your fingers trace

Creation sings

Creation's Lord, we give thee thanks

Creator of the earth and skies

Creator of the earth and sky

Creator of the light supreme

Creator of the rolling flood

Creator of the starry height

Creator of the world, do thou

Creator of the world, to thee

Creator Spirit, by whose aid

Creator Spirit, come inspire

Creator Spirit, Lord of grace

Creator Spirit, make thy throne

Creator, who from heaven thy throne

Cross of Jesus, cross of sorrow

Crown him upon the throne

Crown him with many crowns

Crown with love, Lord, this glad day

Crowned a King and Savior

Crowns of glory, ever bright

Cry "Freedom"

Cry out with joy to the Lord

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