Here I stand among God's people

A Hymn for Confirmation

Here I stand among God's people
giving thanks for all God's care,
and I gladly bring my offering
to the common life we share.
There's a thread within God's story
that is mine alone to know,
and a vision of God's glory
that my life was made to show.

When the Gospel words are spoken,
when the bread and wine are blessed,
Jesus makes me more than welcome
at the table as his guest.
And as I go out to serve him
in my action, work and prayer,
he will send me where I'm needed;
when he calls me I'll be there.

With the Word of God to guide me
I will learn my whole life long;
with the Spirit here beside me
I'll be confident and strong
as I work for peace and justice
in my own appointed place,
and I'll stand among God's people
till I see God face to face.

Words: © Marnie Barrell, 1999;
"for my godson James Daniell, confirmed 16 May 1999"

Music: Nettleton, Blaenwern, Austria, Abbot's Leigh, Abbeyfields

Meter: 87 87 D

This hymn is reproduced here with the kind permission of the author; if you wish to reproduce it further, please apply for permission by sending her an email.

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