Rejoice, God's pilgrim people

For Baptism or Confirmation

Rejoice, God's pilgrim people,
as we receive today
the ones whom God has chosen
to walk in Jesus' way.
The way leads through the waters
through death to life and light;
Christ's cross shall be their burden,
Christ's risen life their right.

Expect, God's searching people,
the gifts God through them brings:
fresh questions, sharper insights,
new songs the Spirit sings.
With them we share our history
and make for them a place,
explore with them Christ's mysteries,
receive with them Christ's grace.

Draw near, God's holy people,
and take them by the hand;
befriend them in their journey,
with them in trouble stand.
In prayer and worship faithful,
in service quick to move,
may they with us grow daily within God's life of love.

*The italicized words are modified as appropriate.

Words: © Marnie Barrell, 1997

Music: Aurelia, Cruger

Meter: 76 76 D

This hymn is reproduced here with the kind permission of the author; if you wish to reproduce it further, please apply for permission by sending her an email.

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