By Christ redeemed, in Christ restored

By Christ redeemed, in Christ restored,
we keep the memory adored,
and show the death of our dear Lord,
until he come.

His body slain upon the tree,
his life blood shed for us, we see;
thus faith shall read the mystery
until he come.

And thus that dark betrayal night
with the last advent we unite
by one blest chain of loving rite
until he come.

Until the trump of God be heard,
until the ancient graves be stirred,
and, with the great commanding word,
the Lord shall come.

O blessed hope! with this elate
let not our hearts be desolate,
but, strong in faith, in patience wait
until he come.

Words: George Rawson, 1857

Music: Hanford, Wimbledon

Meter: 88 84

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