Awake and sing the song

Awake and sing the song
of Moses and the Lamb;
wake every heart and every tongue
to praise the Savior's name.

Sing of his dying love,
sing of his rising power;
sing how he intercedes above
for those whose sins he bore.

Sing on your heavenly way!
Ye ransomed sinners, sing!
Sing on, rejoicing every day
in Christ, the eternal King!

Soon shall ye hear him say,
"Ye blessed children, come."
Soon will he call you hence away,
and take his wanderers home.

Then shall our raptured tongue
his endless praise proclaim,
and sweeter voices swell the song
of glory to the Lamb.

Words: William Hammond (1719-1783);
as altered in The Hymnal 1916.

Music: St. Ethelwald

Meter: SM

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