LitML: A Liturgical Markup Language

This page is a placeholder for LitML. LitML is intended as a markup language for liturgical texts, and will be defined using XML.

It is intended that LitML might be used to markup new liturgical texts of existing denominations, and also to mark up historic texts. In conjunction with other markup schemes it might also be used for commentaries, and for scholarly and popular works.

If you would like more information, or would like to be involved in the process of defining LitML, please contact me,

I envisage that the following skills might be useful:

I envisage that this will be a multi-denominational, multi-national project. Obviously it might also be multi-lingual, though I imagine that the markup and the work of any group will largely be in English.

A mailing list has now been established to discuss the creation of LitML. To subscribe send the message

   subscribe litml
to the address

Simon Kershaw
14th July 1999.